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Federico Donner

Personal Details
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Federico Donner Gonzalez
+598 95 700 894
skype: federicodonner

2010 - 2015
2004 - 2009
2005 - 2008
august 2006
1992 - 2003
Quality systems auditor, LSQA
Electronic engineering, ORT University
Bachelor in sound design, ORT University
Mastering, TECSON, Argentina
Sound equipment operation, La Zapada
Advanced PC operator, Crandon Institute
Young entrepreneurs program, DESEM
School and high-school, Crandon Institute



Certificate of Proficiency in English, Cambridge
Passed with B
Certificate of Proficiency in English, Michigan

First Certificate in English, Cambridge
Passed with A

Work Experience
2018 - today

2013 - today

2005 - today

2017 - 2018

2010 - 2018
2010 - 2015

2010 - today

2007 - 2014

2009 - 2010
2007 - 2009
2008 - 2009


1999 - 2004
Real time promotions coordination, Telefonica Uruguay
  • Massive and personalized campaign design
  • Economic results responsability
  • Database and platform maintenance
Professor, sound technology, Universidad ORT
  • Recognition in innovation in teaching, 2020
Freelance sound and video editing
  • Corporative clients: Reaching U, Levis, Reef, RKF, Accor, OEA, etc.
  • Music videos for Mano Arriba, La Tenés Clara
  • Promotional material for Continuará conventions
Frontend programming, Solcre
  • Development in Angular
  • iOS and Android apps publishing through Cordova
Product certification auditor, LSQA
Product certification manager, LSQA
  • Compliant with ISO/IEC 17065 
  • Development of internal management tools
Level 3 judge, Magic: the Gathering
  • Hired for docens of tournaments in multiple countries
  • Management of international projects
  • Customer service and event logistics
Technical and creative management, Bungee band
  • Multimedia editing
  • Show design
  • Lights and sound operation in live shows
Freelance web programming and design
Sales department, web design, Varela Audiovisuales
Audio and multimedia coordination, Continuará conventions
Professor of robotics, Universidad ORT 
Floey and dialog sync, "El Pequeño Héroe", MW Studios
Broadcast on national television
Teacher's assistant, management simulation seminar, UCUDAL

Pop-rock band, formed by three musicians and myself. It was an interesting experiment since I was a band member and owner just like the musicians, but I didn't play any instrument. My role was defined by the negative, whatever the musicians didn't do, was my realm.

My main responsibilities were live shows, taking care of the technical aspects, coordinating with sound and ligths suppliers and mixing the shows live. We played small venues up to a show in a stadium, opening for an Argentinean band.

I wrote, directed and edited our only music video, "Descarrilado", but also designed and edited a lot of promotional material in video and print form.

I coded the webpages we had, first in flash using Flash ActionScript and then jQuery, PHP and a bit of mySQL.

The band was dissolved in 2014.

Magic: the gathering
Magic is a collectible card game released in 1993. I started playing the game around 1999 and had mild success as a player for about 4 years. In 2010 I returned to the game, got certified as a judge and started running events locally.

Soon I started travelling to work on bigger events abroad and went up to level 3, the highest level in the program. In this level I run teams of judges in events and I coordinate projects outside tournaments. I am in charge of multimedia content produced for the whole continent.

I judged over 50 events internationally, the biggest over 8.000 players and a few over 2.000. In the program I learnt leadership and motivation techniques, addressing a crowd, event management, etc.

Nowadays I am an esteemed member of the community, both by my peers and superiors.

Short Movies
A few months back I got together with a good friend of mine, Juan Capurro, and we started writing, producing and shooting short movies.

The only objective is to learn and develop the skills necesary to produce high quality material. We're producing one every two months.

The scripts are short but allow us to explore new fields like better actor work, visual effects or interesting storytelling.

My role consists mainly of writing, directing and editing although we both intervene in every step of the process.

Music has always been very important in my life. I studied music since I was a child, both specific instruments but also music theory in general.

As a teenager and young adult most of my friends were musicians and my social activities usually revolved around music. I've been fortunate to see to very talented musicians grow and develop their craft.

For me music is just a hobby, I've never approached it as a profession, but it's always been such an important aspect of my life that I thought I'd include it here. If you follow the link you can hear some of the things I've recorded.

I consider programming to be a basic skill for content creators in this day and age. I have always made a point in learning and understanding programming. In 2017 I worked full time as a frontend programmer learning mainly Angular but also PHP, CSS and a lot of other technologies.

I'm developing a platform for online exams called Albus that I'm currently using for my classes in ORT. It runs on React and PHP. Thanks to this platform I've been recognized for innovation in teaching in 2020.